Football shoes – how to choose the best one for yourself?

Choosing the right football shoes is one of the key decisions that every footballer must make, regardless of their level of advancement. Well-selected cleats not only increase comfort and safety on the pitch, but can also have a real impact on improving technique and game efficiency. In this article, we will discuss what to pay attention to when choosing football boots to meet the individual needs of each player.

Understanding the basics

First of all, it is worth understanding that football shoes are different from standard sports shoes. They are specially designed to provide optimal grip on various types of surfaces, from natural grass, through artificial grass, to indoor surfaces. Dividing shoes by type of surface is the first step to choosing the right model.
FG (Firm Ground): Shoes with this marking are intended for playing on hard, natural grass surfaces.
SG (Soft Ground): SG cleats are best for soft, often muddy pitches.
AG (Artificial Ground): This type is adapted to play on artificial grass.
IN (Indoor): Indoor shoes, intended for playing on hard, even surfaces inside buildings.
When choosing shoes, you should also pay attention to the material they are made of. Natural leather offers a better fit and greater comfort, but may be less durable and require more care than synthetic alternatives.

Fit is key

Wearing comfort is absolutely fundamental. Football shoes should be comfortable from the first time you put them on, they should not cause any pressure or abrasions. A perfect fit will provide not only comfort, but also better control over the ball and greater efficiency of movement. Here are some tips on how to choose the right size:
Try on the shoes with the soccer socks you usually wear while playing.
Make sure you have about 1 cm of space between your toes and the end of the shoe to allow for enough freedom.
Check that the shoes are not too wide or too narrow. They should not compress the foot, but also should not be so loose that the foot moves inside while running.

Technological news

Football footwear manufacturers are constantly innovating, introducing technologies that aim to improve players’ performance. Modern football boots can offer a variety of features such as:
Foot stabilization systems: Technologies that help keep the foot in a stable position, reducing the risk of injury.
Reinforced impact zones: Special areas on the shoe that increase precision and control of the ball when shooting and passing.
Lightness: Modern materials can significantly reduce the weight of the shoe, which translates into faster and more dynamic movements on the pitch.


Choosing the right football shoes is quite a challenge, but with the right knowledge, you can significantly increase your chances of success on the pitch. Remember to choose shoes appropriate to the surface you play on most often, and pay attention to the quality of workmanship and adaptation to the individual needs of the foot. Well-fitting cleats not only mean greater comfort, but also better play and lower risk of injury. Whether you are an amateur player or a professional soccer player, the right choice of soccer cleats is crucial to your game.